Forwarding services are a strong connecting ring in the chain of market supply. Feroniki’s forwarding department has a systematic and efficient organization which allows the design of integrated quality-oriented solutions, always in favor of the company’s customer. Feroniki’s forwarding services keep the pulse of the local merchandising market beating, and connect the market with its needs upon the values of partnership and co-operation.

The Transport service is the first stage of Feroniki’s business activities and is implemented in full compliance with the international commercial terms of transport (INCOTERMS 2010).

Feroniki’s experienced transport team possesses the know-how and the expertise to design the optimum transport solution for the customer, allowing the latter to save upon cost and time. In addition, every offered service fully abides to the international safety standards, especially in cases of hazardous materials. Therefore, Feroniki has the ideal proposition for every customer, whether the latter is looking for a simple transport service or transport along with shipping service, or even complex transports of merchandises and heavy loads in pallets.

Feroniki’s Customs Clearance service is guaranteed by the company’s 35 year long experience in the field of Customs, Tariff, Banking and International Law. This long-standing expertise allows the company to thoroughly respect and defend the customers’ interests and offer trustworthy and highly efficient solutions. In particular, Feroniki:


  • Successfully handles dozens of cases on behalf of its clients on a daily basis.
  • Functions as customs ombudsman on behalf of its customers.
  • Serves fast and reliably any customs needs at any harbor or airport.
  • Collects accurately all documents and declarations and makes all taxation payments and duties on behalf of the customer.
  • Guarantees 24-hour access to specialists and local agents so that all customs clearance needs are served fast and safely.


Feroniki’s know-how and expertise give added value to the company’s customers, a fact which allows Feroniki to be amongst the most competitive players worldwide.

The warehousing service is an intrinsic and fundamental part of the Logistics chain of activities and a determinant factor for the reduction of the transport time and the shipping cost.

The warehousing services Feroniki offers guarantee:


  • Reduction of the transport time and diminution of the transport expenses.
  • Contemporary systems so to avoid any transport and/or storage damage.
  • Integral transportation, especially when different loaders load for the same recipient.


No matter how small or complex the customer’s need may be, Feroniki has the means and the expertise to add a new dimension to every warehouse demand and keep the merchandise safe.

In order to interactively support the company’s services and thoroughly meet its client needs, Feroniki has spotted and created at freight level the Insurance and Banking Data solution. This is because the obligations which derive from each transport mode, i.e., sea, airplane, land or railway, may vary greatly and this has an impact on the needs the company covers for each client.

Consecutively, the expertise of Feroniki’s people allows the company to provide complete and contemporary solutions regarding any insurance and banking data issues, and always in compliance with the international legislation and the existing contracts.

Feroniki will accumulate on behalf of the customer all the involved insurance and banking documents so to further reinforce the value of the customer’s commercial activity. Feroniki was, is and will be the best strategic partner for its customers.