Innovation is the decisive factor for keeping the range of our services steadily increasing and the positioning of Feroniki a steady landmark in the transport and shipping business. Through the continuous adaptation of our services to any noticeable development in our field, we continuously reinforce the level of our specialization, thus attracting leading cooperations with international clients, who trust Feroniki’s innovative orientation.

A landmark in the company’s way towards the future, which best demonstrates the innovative and effective character of Feroniki’s philosophy, is our certification as an AEO (Authorised Economic Operator). For us this distinction has been a take-off towards international competition, as it classifies our company in the “club of the strongest”, at world level.

Innovation lies at the heart of Feroniki and it is not accidental that we are the first to be awarded this distinction in Piraeus, Greece, thus proving in actual practice our ongoing and steady dedication to the quality of our management systems, as well as our high reliability as a provider.

Today, empowered with the new dynamics of its AEO certification and the benefits of innovation, Feroniki enters a new era of customer servicing, signified by speed, security, and guaranteed efficiency. In a constantly changing and challenging environment, Feroniki expands its perspective and makes even higher claims, with innovation being its best ally. In Piraeus, the largest and safest transit center of Eastern Europe, Feroniki is by far your most updated strategic partner!