Customs Clearance

Feroniki’s Customs Clearance service is guaranteed by the company’s 35 year long experience in the field of Customs, Tariff, Banking and International Law. This long-standing expertise allows the company to thoroughly respect and defend the customers’ interests and offer trustworthy and highly efficient solutions. In particular, Feroniki:

  • Successfully handles dozens of cases on behalf of its clients on a daily basis.
  • Functions as customs ombudsman on behalf of its customers.
  • Serves fast and reliably any customs needs at any harbor or airport.
  • Collects accurately all documents and declarations and makes all taxation payments and duties on behalf of the customer.
  • Guarantees 24-hour access to specialists and local agents so that all customs clearance needs are served fast and safely.


Feroniki’s know-how and expertise give added value to the company’s customers, a fact which allows Feroniki to be amongst the most competitive players worldwide.