The historical trail of Feroniki can be traced down in the early ‘80’s, many years before the company’s actual founding.

For approximately 3 decades, the company systematically and consistently builds corporate knowledge, and achieves a constant growth by strategically widening the spectrum of its services. The milestones of the company’s development are:


  • 2014

    Α landmark year for Feroniki, as the company acquires the ISO and AEO certifications. Feroniki is officially acknowledged as a quality standards company with high reliability of services and is nominated as a European Customs Representative in Greece. Feroniki is proud to be the first company with such an accreditation in the whole Transit Node of Piraeus.
  • 2011

    Relocation of the company’s business into owned offices, through the implementation of a rigorous investment program.
  • 2005

    Start working with colossal corporate names in sea transport, such as Cosco, MSC and Maersk.
  • 2000

    First strategic alliances in the field of transport and distribution worldwide, with the international companies Sealand, Sarlis and Evergreen.
  • 1992

    Commencement of forwarding servicing, with a complete range of transport and distribution services.
  • 1984

    Commencement of customs servicing, along with consultations on transport and custom banking.

Feroniki was founded in 1993

Feroniki strategically and confidently builds on the asset of its long and successful presence in the trade field, and targets at many more landmarks in the years to come. Each landmark is a motive to empower and enhance the company’s presence worldwide, and to consolidate customer’s trust.